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COMITÊ ESCONDIDO JOHANN FATZER: is the result of artists from different backgrounds, interests, places and beliefs meeting for the first time in 2017. Since then, they have been putting together a committee when they need to draw up an artistic project, which is usually born out of the urgency of dialoguing with the historical times in which they live.

▪ Um Memorial Para Antígona (2023)
teatre play [sound composition]

Based on the fictional construction of a memorial for Antigone, the show discusses the issue of the national pact that took place in Brazil during the transition between the military dictatorship and the democratic period. On stage, seven actors manipulate documents about the creation of the 1979 Amnesty Law, while at the same time, through the testimonies of Greek characters, they tell the myth of Antigone, making the Greek myth echo in national history.

with Danilo Arrabal, Giovanna Monteiro, Julia Pedreira, Joy Catharina, Rafael Sousa Silva, Sheila Almeida e Victor Rosa
Director: Vicente Antunes Ramos
Dramaturgy: Miguel Antunes Ramos e Vicente Antunes Ramos
Sound composition: Mariana Carvalho
Sound design and operation: May Manão
Collaboration for sound creation: Eduardo Joly
Cenography: A. Hideki Okutani
Costume design: Sandra Antunes Ramos
Light design: Matheus Brant
Light operation: Matheus Brant e Julia Fávero
Montagem de Luz: Julia Fávero e Tatiana Rozenfeld
Projection: Nina Lins e Thais Suguiyama
Participation in creation: Isabela Bustamanti
Production: Leo Birche | Arquipélago de Produção
Production assistent: Laura La Padula
Visual identity: Gabriel Franco

▪ Antígona Sonora (2021)
radiophonic play

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