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⎮Comitê Escondido⎮


⎮+ Meg Stuart and Doug Weiss⎮

⎮+ Paula Sanchez⎮

⎮speaking thr-o-ugh⎮

⎮+ Zach Hart⎮

LODE is an art collaborative formed in 2022 and comprised of four international female/non-binary artists: Genesis Victoria(they/them), Mariana Carvalho (she/her), Kayla Elrod (they/she) and Kirstine Kjeldsen (she/they). Our practice centers on sound and performance art based on bodily engagement and sensory exploration.

LODE emerges as a concept and an axis of meaning(s). It refers to multiple layers of soil deposit, valuable metals or an infinite source of abundance. Originally the word meant a channel, a way or a course. In myths, we find Cornucopia as a kind of lode, and popular culture folks talk about the mother lode. Beyond a gendered view of fecundity, we want to expand the concept of lode into embodied sound practices, thinking of our work and our bodies as infinite sources of exploration and abundant means for collective learning.

▪ LODED BODIES  - Exhibition by LODE (2023)
exhibition at Errant Sound
February 2023, Berlin.

//MARIANA CARVALHO: me alimento de voces (2023)
5 pieces installation: poem-score + audio track; photographs + audio track; video-performance; multichannel-installation with speakers, ear protectors and transducers; audiotrack in cassette.

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