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⎮Comitê Escondido⎮


⎮+ Meg Stuart and Doug Weiss⎮

⎮+ Paula Sanchez⎮

⎮speaking thr-o-ugh⎮

⎮+ Zach Hart⎮

▪ All The Way Around (2022- )

by Damaged Goods

Meg Stuart and Bassist Doug Weiss meet each other and other performers in an intimate concert setting. Together, they go on an uncharted journey into movement and sound. Part concert and part dance improvisation, this performance takes the ballad, a song of longing and defiance, and breaks it down into small but meaningful gestures. Tracing and unfurling spirals of memory, All the Way Around opens a door to return our collective experiences to the level of the personal. Together we ride the waves between the almost-remembered and the unknown.

As a trio with pianist Mariana Carvalho, All the Way Around premiered on 19 July 2022 at Bolzano Danza Festival.

Performances at:
- HAU2, Berlin, (Upcoming January 2023)
- Akademie Theater, ImpulsTanz Festival 2023, Vienna, 2023.
- Theatre im Pumpenhaus, Munster, 2023.
- RIMI/IMIR, Stavanger, 2023.
- Thèátre Garonne, Toulouse, 2023.
- Bolzano Danza Festival, Bolzano, 2022.