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released by Sello Postal 

[listen with headphones]

Enter. Listen to the voices processed by my body. I filter them with my flesh, my bones and inside my mouth. They were offered to me – or I took them – and I chewed them a bit. They accumulated. I prepared them: cut and mixed. I slow-cooked, but maybe some remained raw. I ate the voices, their noises and silences with a couple of cables. I was populated. And then, licked my lips: making audible what I devoured.

Through a process of correspondence held between January and March of 2022, I collected the material for me alimento de voces in various forms. The exchanges were voice messages, letters, texts, drawings, improvisations, conversations, recipes, field recordings and others. In the end, with each person we gathered voices in audio format, creating an archive.

This album has mainly two methods: pre-recorded material ingested through tiny speakers and mouth-to-mouth vocalization. The voices I swallowed were selected, edited, combined, collaged and juxtaposed in very different pieces. Everything was recorded through my body: while eating, I shared my internal listening perspective...  


released September 22, 2023

Recorded between March of 2022 and February of 2023.