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|me alimento de voces (2019-23)|

|nylon bites (2018-20)|

|estudo em nylon (2017-21)|

ME ALIMENTO DE VOCES [I feed myself from voices/you] is an artistic project that explores sonorous relations inside the body during the act of eating voices: through vocalizing inside one's mouth or mediated by speakers. As a series of performative works that started in 2019, it revolves topics such as the limits between bodies, how we are constituted by multiplicities, the brazilian controversial anthropophagic heritage, distance and proximity, nourishing versus predatory consumption, technological mediation, audio and epistolary correspondences and the materiality of voice. It is a process of reception, internalization, filtering, transformation.

[listen it all with headphones!]

▪ me alimento de voces (2023)
album by Sello Postal (Buenos Aires/Berlin)

Photos: Ana Iramain

release event at Morphine Raum, 27.09, Berlin.

▪ me alimento de voces (2023)

at LODED BODIES, exhibition by LODE at Errant Sound
Berlin, February 2023.

Photos: Kayla Elrod

5 pieces, installed tracks of the album.
[from left to right]
1. come-me
2. que se perdem
3. L. (with Lara Alarcón)
4. la convivencia de las fuerzas (text: Guido Wertheimer)
5. know before you dig (text and photos: Zach Hart)

full credits, text and eaten voices

▪ me alimento de vozes - Maria Sabina (2022)
performance lecture

at Holy Children Exhibition.
Berlin, September 15th, 2022.

▪ me alimento de vozes, daqui (2021)

at Radical Sounds Latinamerica Festival, KM28 + Cashmere Radio broadcast
Berlin, November 19th, 2021.

▪ me alimento de vozes, longe (2021)

at Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Department, UdK Berlin
Berlin, March 29th, 2021.

▪ me retroalimento (2020)

at home,
São Paulo, July 21st, 2020.

▪ corpo aural e corpo oráculo: escuta, promiscuidade e antropofagia em me alimento de voces (2020)
research paper and video

text pdf

at III Ciami conference - 3º Congresso Intersaberes em Arte, Museu e Inclusão
João Pessoa, August 2020.

▪ me alimento de voces (2019)
interactive performance

Photo: Nestor Mateos

at Espacio Incognita (Broken Toy series, AADK Spain),
Murcia, October 11th, 2019.