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|32 instruções para escutar na pandemia|

|corpo aural e corpo oráculo|  (research paper)

|explorações de uma relação particular e de expansão com o piano|
(bachelor thesis)

|o corpo experimental nas práticas de improvisação livre|
(scientific initiation)

▪ O CORPO EXPERIMENTAL NAS PRÁTICAS DE IMPROVISAÇÃO LIVRE: a eutonia enquanto estratégia de presença
research report (Iniciação Científica - FAPESP)
Supervisor: Rogério Costa
University of São Paulo, 2016-17. [pt]


“The experimental body in free improvisation practices: eutony as presence strategy”


I intend to investigate the possible contributions of eutony in free improvisation. The somaticwork of eutony – of knowledge, perception and awareness of the body in its totality – mayallow the construction of state of presence which is fundamental in free improvisation, practicethat continuously seeks to create other contexts and territories in present time. To be present ismake the sound corporeal. This correspondence between eutony (body) and free improvisation(sound) takes place in an experimental manner, for both share an assumption of a processualcharacter, of constant search, seeking to escape of pre-estabilished rules and the shaping of its practices into form. This work is composed of one theoretical part and other of practicalexperimentation, individually and collectively in two ensembles that I take part in, located in theMusic Department of University of São Paulo: Orquestra Errante and Coro Profano.